Jamshop is not your typical advertising agency.
    We don’t exist to make ads. Neither are we here to create websites, smartphone apps or brochures (even though we do all these things).

    We regard all these tools as just means to an end.
    Our primary purpose and focus is to help our clients attract and/or retain customers.
    How we get there can be challenging.

  • The week Jamshop started we wrote this philosophy

    I’m a customer.
    If you don’t listen to me, you won’t understand me.
    If you don’t offer me things I want, you are irrelevant.
    If you don’t make my life easier, I will avoid you.
    If you don’t communicate with me you are invisible.
    If your messages don’t engage me, I will not respond to you.

  • Supporting each of these thoughts is a skill or expertise that’s essential to understanding and fulfilling the needs and wants of customers. It’s with those skills that we connect customers with our client’s products/services, so they’ll not only be attracted but return to buy again and again.

    Every project we work on has just one KPI. Did we get customers? Did we understand them, did we attract them and did we retain them? Everything else, such as brand positioning, advertising recall and satisfaction measures are simply subsets of this single-minded objective.

    As you will see from the case studies on this site, our approach has achieved some remarkable results.

    Because at Jamshop. We get customers.

  • We believe that the only difference between a small business & a large one, is that the large one has more customers.

    The only reason any company should invest money or resources in marketing and communications is to attract and/or retain customers. We use ‘Customer Journey Mapping’ to understand where customers are in the purchase cycle and to develop strategies to encourage them to move from one stage to the next.  This process also identifies priorities that are likely to generate the best returns.

  • We believe the secret of effective communication is listening, not talking. 

    Human beings perceive the world through a filter of past experiences, prejudices and knowledge. At Jamshop we use research, behavioural data and observation to understand how to connect to customers and to use their existing frames of reference to communicate with them.

  • We believe that there is more than one way to say the same thing.

    If our audiences don’t understand the messages we send and do not react appropriately, it is our problem, not theirs. We have a process called ‘Great Conversations’ that pre-tests alternative ways of saying the same thing to find the thoughts and language that generate the best response among the largest number of people.

  • We believe in the law of creative economy.

    The value of creativity and clever ideas is that they get noticed. They get talked about and remembered. The stronger and bolder the idea the less you need to spend on showing it to people. Awareness or responsiveness is a function of ‘share of voice’ (how much you spend on media) to the power of the creative idea.



    After over 30 years in marketing and advertising, working for companies such as Heinz, Orlando, Berri and Sola International on the marketing side and Clemenger BBDO and Young & Rubicam as MD on the advertising side, you’d think Peter has seen it all.


  • But the thing that motivates him the most is the thing he’s never seen before.

    Peter has an arts degree in Psychology and Economics from Melbourne University and, a post graduate degree in marketing and has completed the Strategic Marketing Management Program at Harvard University.


    He’s sought after for his strategic counsel.


    He’s a copywriter at heart. He’s spent the greater part of his life on the creation side of the business working for agencies like Y&R, DDB, Clemenger BBDO, DMB&B and Leo Burnett which he owned and ran in Adelaide for 5 years before forming Jam with Peter.

    His work has appeared in the world’s best 100 outdoor of all time and every major award show in the world. He was voted one of the top 10 copywriters in Australia in 2000. He was the co-founder of Copyschool in Adelaide which went on to become AWARD School.

  • He’s co-president of the AADC and has been involved in education for over 30 years.

    He believes his best is yet to come.


    Johnny is a writer through and through. He has written his way around Australia through radio in Darwin, WIN TV and TEN in Victoria, as a writer and director of TV commercials, and finally he returned home to Adelaide.

    Before joining Jam, Johnny worked at Clemenger BBDO and Y&R on a number of local, national and international brands. His work continues to be recognised in award shows around the world, including the prestigious Cannes Festival.

  • Johnny has a unique talent for ideas that stick.

    When Jim said to him, “one day, this will all be yours”, Johnny took one look at Jim’s haircut and sobbed.